It’s the little things.

The peeling caulk that catches your eye every time you do dishes. That ugly drywall crack in the foyer. A chipped outlet cover, or a door that keeps falling off its track.

Taking care of the little things can keep your home from looking dated. It also saves you money. Putting off maintenance projects may lead to bigger issues and costly repairs down the road.


Framework provides an easy, affordable way to treat yourself to more free time. We’ll keep your house maintained while you enjoy the things you love.

Service Calls


Whether it’s a one-time repair or ongoing maintenance, we’re happy to create an affordable solution just for you! Give us a call and our friendly technicians will come to your home and take care of your repairs.

We offer help for a variety of small home projects.

  • hang a door

  • tighten screws

  • change light bulbs

  • install appliances

  • change smoke detectors

  • replace hardware

  • change locks

  • caulk backsplash & tubs

  • replace light fixtures

  • touch up paint

  • and more!

Preventative Maintenance Program  

When is the last time you walked around your entire house for a routine maintenance inspection? Framework can help you keep tabs on necessary home repairs before they become costly problems.

During your annual inspection, our trained technicians will go around the exterior of your home to visually inspect the siding, windows, roof, grading of your lawn, decks, patios, and any other items could be safety concerns. We’ll also walk from room to room inside your home to make sure things are working properly, install a new furnace filter, and clean you A/C condensor.

After your inspection, Framework will send a detailed report of safety concerns, deferred maintenance items, and other issues you may need to budget for, repair, or upgrade.

Framework’s preventative maintenance program is a great option for retirees, busy professionals, and deployed military personnel.